Nok Edu (NOK International Education & Visa Services) was established in 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. Our aims to provide high quality services for our customers and our partners. Nok Edu is servicing language school as well as summer school programs, University, Work and Travel, Consultant Visa and services and Certificate programs in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and UK. We cooperate with education and travel organizations where have been helping students to learn English language for over 35 years. Nok Edu offers the opportunity to learn an English language along with culture of the language and experience in abroad.We have carefully selected language schools and colleges . In USA, we offer courses in English as Second Language (ESL) which work helps non-native English speakers improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills.

NOKKI is founder of Nok Edu (NOK International Education & Visa Services). I was born in Thailand and have a dream to go to USA since I was young. After I graduated in Production engineering. My dream is still happen to get opportunity to study abroad and get cultural experiences. So, I try to work hard and earn some money until I can pay to study in 6 months in USA. So,I decided to go to USA to make my dream come true. Then,I graduated International Business at CUNY. I returned back to Thailand and start my business as Educational Consultant because I am interesting to help the students to get a good chance to study abroad and I am happy with my students success in their life. Finally, I am going to be the best Educational consultant and expand to other countries by high quality services. Nok Edu will not deal with our customers only until they leave Thailand, but until they come back from their studies to make sure that they are happy and well attended at all times.


userThank you Nok Edu so much. Our family used Nok Edu services for traveling visa. She advised all interview documents, and all details. Nok provided her real experiences to suggest me how to do. It was so useful. I used her services because I didn't have any expert about visa and I didn't want to waste my time and money. I was so appreciated and recommended in Nok Edu.
Toon, The Voice Thailand Season 5

userI am Taiwanese. I've lived in Thailand for more than 10 years. I've got 10 years visa. I used nokvisa service for my visa. She was very nice, good consultant and fast work. I took time only 3 days for getting interview in US embassy in Thailand. Thank you so much
Jacky, Retire

userFirst time I can not trust in Nok Edu services because fee is too cheap. But when I used this service, I was so surprised because Nok managed every steps of visa services and everything completed. Thank you so much.
Oil, marketing officer

userI used Nok Edu Services for summer course in USA. I ever used this services from the others but I felt appreciated in Nok Edu because she is a good consultant. Before I interviewed with the embassy, I had felt so nervous. However, Nok gave the good interview techniques. I am so thank you her and I am so happy to stay in USA now.

Kwan, university student.

userOur family used traveling visa service from Nok Edu. Nok,she is a good consultant and her fee is cheaper 2-3 from others. We are so appreciate in her service. We got 10 years traveling visa. Thank you so much.
Pam, Nakonrachsima